Postdoctoral fellow: Thermal-shock cracks by variational fracture mechanics

Dates: October 2011 - March 2013

Places: Supervisors: J.-J. Marigo and C. Maurini

Partnerships: Topics:
  • Variational fracture mechanics
  • Crack initiation and propagation
  • Thermal science
  • Parallel computing

Postdoctoral fellow: Application of the finite element method over polynomial algebra to shape optimization

Dates: February 2010 - September 2011

Institution: École Centrale Paris, Applied Mathematics and Systems Department

Temporary supervisor: F. De Vuyst

Partnerships: Consortium of OMD2 ANR project (Renault, CD-adapcoSirehnaActiveEon, INRIA, ENSM-SE, UTC, ECP, IRCCyN, ENS Cachan)

  • Shape optimization, Computer-aided design.
  • Computational mechanics and fluid dynamics, Finite element and finite volume methods.
  • Surrogate models, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, finite element method over polynomial algebra.
  • Lecture at a plenary session of ANR project OMD2
  • Proceeding in the 5th International Conference on Adaptive Modeling and Simulation
  • To come: article in International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • To come: technical report of WP 2.5.3. at T+18 of ANR project OMD2

PhD: Model updating of light random structures for their active vibration control

Dates: September 2006 - February 2010

Institution: ENS Cachan, LMT Cachan

Supervisors: L. Champaney and F. Louf

Partnership: SATIE laboratoty, in the frame of the Farman Institute

  • Model updating, modified constitutive relation error.
  • Computational mechanics, finite element methods.
  • Parametric surrogate models, finite element method over polynomial algebra.
  • Random structures computation, stochastic finite elements, Monte Carlo method.
  • Piezoelectricity, 1D piezoelectric finite elements.
  • Model reduction for active vibration control.
  • Two journal articles
  • Two conference proceedings
  • Four lectures at seminars and conferences without proceedings
  • PhD thesis report

Master 2 intern: Development of robust computational methods for stochastic models in structural mechanics

Dates: February - June 2006

Institution: ENS Cachan, LMT Cachan

Supervisors: E. Florentin and B. Faverjon

  • Computational mechanics, finite element methods.
  • Stochastic methods, polynomial chaos.
  • Model control, error estimators.
Communications: Master 2 thesis report