Practical works of control engineering applied to mechanics

Context: Achievements:
  • Supervision of students during the manipulation of controlled systems
  • Evaluation of the theorical knowledges and the practical competences of the students
  • Implementation of a test bench and writing of a practical works question: study of the components, modelling and control of a rotative axis of a manipulator-type robot
  • Study of first and second order systems: impulse and step responses, transfer function.
  • Signal processing: classification of signals, digital signal and discrete Fourier transform, digital processing of analog signals.
  • Control linear systems: typology of linear systems, continous controlled systems, sampled controlled systems, equations of state, modal analysis of linear systems.
  • Practical works sessions of 4 hours with 8 to 12 students students splitted over 4 test benchs
  • Individual evaluation sessions of one hour
  • Four meetings with 3 teaching assitants for the implementation of a test bench and common writing of a practical works question
  • 60 h of practical works per year in 2006-2007 and 2007-2008
  • 44 h of practical works per year in 2008-2009

Lectures and tutorials of mathematics

Context: Achievements:
  • Preparation and presentation of lectures
  • Supervision of tutorials
  • Linear algebra: vectorial space, linear map, matrix, linear operators, square matrices, determinant, eigen values, eigen vectors.
  • Complex numbers: properties, modulus, argument, n-th root of unity, complex exponential.
  • Differential calculus: continous function of several variables, differentials, derivative, differential operators, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems, integration of differential forms.
Format: Lectures and tutorials for a group of 8 to 12 students from BTS, DUT, TSI.

Length: 10 h of lectures et 10 h of tutorials per year in 2006-2007, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

Supervision of didactical projects

Context: Achievements:
  • Student supervision for the personal conception of one or several educational documents in the field of mechanical engineering or civil engineering, toward an audience choosen by themselves ( from junior high school up to undergraduate level )
  • Project evaluation
  • Course notes, animations and exercices on the basis of a computer functioning with an analogy with hydraulic device. Aimed audience: students of "terminale S".
  • Flash animations on waves contening definitions of the different kinds of waves, examples, videos and formation of the équations. Aimed audience: students of "seconde".
  • Regular individual meetings with the students
  • Mail exchanges
  • Project grading session
Length: 10 h of tutorials per year in 2008-09